An interesting set of exercises for bodyflex for beginners

That’s all I was looking for time to write an article with exercises, so to speak, for the lazy and for those who are just starting their way into the world of sports. And today this day has come and here it is my creation before you – this is an article about bodyflex for beginners. Also tomorrow or the day after tomorrow there will be an article for those who want to lose weight and lose excess pounds from the stomach and sides.

  1. Methodology
  2. When is it worth doing, and when is it not?
  3. All you need to know for beginners
  4. Bodyflex exercises
  5. What about the complex?


Lately, people’s lives are developing in such a way that there is absolutely no time left to watch for themselves. What to do in such cases, because even the most busy people dream of a beautiful figure.

Bodyflex training
Bodyflex training

In fact, there is a way out, and it’s called a bodyflex. Using this technique, you can get rid of extra pounds in a minimum amount of time.

Of course, it’s very important to have a beautiful body. It is important that it is not only beautiful outside, but also healthy from the inside. Bodyflex is such an opportunity, when only twenty minutes a day, you can bring yourself in perfect condition.

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You just imagine what it is 20 minutes a day, is not it worth spending it for your health? Especially it is possible to be engaged directly in front of the TV. I also advise you to combine the exercises with the exercises described in this article.

This technique was created by an American housewife, who, like millions of other girls, dreamed of a beautiful body, but because of her daily worries, she had absolutely no time for herself.

When is it worth doing, and when is it not?

Before starting to study, a person must decide whether he can do bodyflex or not. Given all the positive qualities of such training, they also have some contraindications.

Do not engage in those who have the following health problems:

  • High pressure.
  • Heart problems.
  • Disease of the organs of vision.
  • Hernia.
  • Problems with the thyroid gland.
  • Heat.
  • Monthly for girls.

As for pregnant girls and women, there is no unambiguous answer. Some doctors say that pregnant women can be engaged, but under the condition of a reduced load, while others say that all kinds of physical activities are contraindicated.

Bodyflex training
Bodyflex training

In any case, you should consult a doctor. On the basis of how the pregnancy goes, he will already say exactly, you can do it or not.

All you need to know for beginners

There was a time when specialists believed that bodyflex only harmed health. Similar conclusions they made based on the fact that during breathing exercises, you need to constantly hold your breath.

Experts believed that a constant holding of breath can lead to the fact that the probability of the appearance of cancer and hypertension increases. To date, everyone who is engaged in this technique, will be able to refute this information.

Breathing exercises together with physical exercises have an extremely positive effect on the human body. Doctors who monitor the health of these people, note that they have no health problems.

Given the positive impact on the body and health, bodyflex has become an incredible popular among many people. Also, many luminaries of science became interested in him, and they decided to conduct an experiment that would help to determine from the scientific point of view all of his merits. The results were impressive:

  • Heart problems are lost.
  • The likelihood of getting cancer is lower.
  • The stomach works better.
  • You can quickly get rid of bad habits.
  • The general condition of the body is improving.

People who have extra weight must necessarily engage in this technique. After a while, the skin will become tight, and all the fat will disappear. It is noteworthy that the skin does not hang, as the breathing exercises are thought out in such a way that when the fat leaves, this place is occupied by the muscles. Consequently, the muscular skeleton retains the skin, and gives it a resilient appearance.

Bodyflex training
Bodyflex training

It is worth noting that it is possible to engage not only women, but also men who do not have enough time to reach the sports hall. Today, this technique is popular both among women and men.

Bodyflex exercises

As mentioned above, physical exercises with respiratory exercises are combined here. Regular classes allow you to remove fat from the body where it is needed in the shortest possible time. Exercises are designed in such a way that there is no need to work out the whole body.

If you need to remove fat from the stomach and sides, for example, then you should definitely do the following exercises:

№1. Scissors.
You need to lie on your back and raise your legs 45 degrees. It is necessary to make movements that will resemble the work of scissors.

№2. Abdominal Press.
It is necessary to lie on your back, bend your knees, and spread them around. Hands up, and lift the trunk, hands while pulling forward.

No. 3. Side extension.
Lie on your side and bend your knees. The hand that is on top stretches to the heel of the upper leg. Then lie back, and mirror everything again.

These exercises will help remove fat from the stomach in the event that during their performance, breathe correctly.

There are also exercises that will help get rid of the second chin and wrinkles. They are called: “lion”, “ugly grimace” and “monkey”. The complex of exercises bodyflex is available for every part of the body: for the chest, waist, buttocks.

Bodyflex exercises for beginners in general, the same as for those who have been engaged for a long time. The only difference is that beginners should hold their breath for a shorter period of time, and also perform fewer repetitions.

People who have just started to master this technique are trying to do everything at once, and often this leads to problems. To maximally protect yourself from possible injuries, you should work out some time with those who already have some experience.

Bodyflex training
Bodyflex training

Beginners should learn the following rules:

  1. You can breathe only through your nose.
  2. Exhale slowly and gently through the mouth.
  3. You should learn how to hold your breath properly, so as not to suffocate at the beginning of the session.
  4. Do it every day for 20 minutes.
  5. If you have extra weight, you need to do general physical exercises. For example, pay even more attention to the technique of callanetics.
  6. Do not follow a strict diet.

As it is written above, it is desirable to begin under the guidance of more experienced comrades.

If you strictly follow all the bodyflex exercises, the result definitely will not keep you waiting.

What about the complex?

In fact, the complex is just what helps to get rid of extra centimeters. Its essence is to competently perform all exercises. To proceed, you will definitely need to warm up, because it will be necessary to do such exercises that require serious stretching.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that it is not worth the man who does not know anything about the technique as a whole, because it will only be possible to harm yourself.

To once again not harm your health, it is better to enroll in groups where experienced masters will be able to show what the bodyflex exercises are.

Those who want to achieve high results must always adhere to established norms and rules, this does not bypass this method. To make your body beautiful and healthy, you should follow each recommendation.

The first thing you need to know exactly what the bodyflex is, and only then it will be possible to perform the complex!

The main thing is desire and aspiration. Without these qualities it is difficult to achieve something not only in this matter, but in life as well! See you soon, subscribe to blog updates and leave your questions in the comments.

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