Maintain health with cardio

Many people know that for weight loss, training the muscles of the heart and the whole body need aerobic work, or cardiovascular training. In the absence of a treadmill or the inability to run in nature, in the park area you can use any other opportunity and use the available arsenal:

  • rowing;
  • ellipse;
  • ball;
  • horizontal bar;
  • jump ropes;
  • belts;
  • chains;
  • exercise bike.

Most people do workouts without using additional equipment, even if available. To train the heart, perform some exercises that help strengthen the muscles and gentle exercise (excluding running), which is easy to do at home. After 40–50 years, the risk of heart disease increases, so for people who have reached the critical age to lose weight, cardio training must be performed carefully to help the body cope with the stress due to age.


cardio training


Home weight loss simulators are materially inaccessible to most people, but simple movements will help bring your body closer to the ideal, and those who do not share the love of running can be trained at home.

Different opinions

Everyone who has decided to go in for running or another kind of sport raises questions about what should be the load during the lessons, how useful they will be. The statement of some about long-term, but with reduced physical activity, echoes the opinion of others about their intensity by reducing time.

Proponents of different methods, fiercely defending the point of view, are right in their own way, although none of them can know the individual capabilities of this or that organism and what the effect will be.

For some, long-distance running does not affect well-being; for others, it may result in inpatient treatment.

Types of cardio

The amount of training depends on the individual physical characteristics and other indicators, and moderation at the beginning of classes will help to further increase the load without serious consequences if there are no medical contraindications.

Long training

Bodybuilders always adhere to the rules of moderate effects on muscle mass, while the duration of training is 1 hour without an increase in pace and strength techniques. Low-intensity cardio at a constant pace helps to get rid of fat through internal reserves. Sustained load for 30–60 minutes is also a great way for people with varying degrees of training to lose weight.

Interval training

In order to achieve significant weight loss, many use the interval method, where intensive exercise alternates with recovery periods. This may be a speedy run for 2 minutes, and then a three-minute weak run. This method allows to reduce the duration of classes, with its help, the frequency of pulsation of the heart muscle is increased by reducing the time of training.


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Interval training with a change of pace

Constant change of pace of movement (fartlek) only by people with good physical preparation. Chaotic way, including high speed, intensity, aerobic exercise and recovery periods do not use beginners, and even more people over 40 years. This method requires endurance and good health.

Schematic training

When the aerobic scheme alternate short cardio with periods of aerobic exercise and strength – with weights. For example, you can give this method:

  • elliptical trainer – 3 minutes;
  • squats – 2 minutes;
  • run – 3 minutes;
  • push-up legs – 1 minute.

Such a load contributes to a significant weight loss in a short period of time, but those engaged in sports professionally prefer classes in the super circuit. The technique allows you to maintain muscle mass in a tonus, while burning fast subcutaneous fat.

Cross training

For the prevention of various injuries, weight loss, boredom, the cross method is the best way. The tactics of changing the types of load may be different:

  • alternation of loads for 10 minutes running, cycling, ellipse;
  • daily change of simulators and types of training;
  • Seasonal program – from summer swimming to autumn climbing, winter skiing to sports in spring.

This alternation wins laziness, allows you to keep the body in good shape, eliminates seasonal diseases, and when a person fills up time with pleasant and useful loads, he develops endurance. For those who regularly perform cardiovascular exercises, high spirits are characteristic, people cope with life’s troubles and severe stress more easily, and trainings give a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day.

It is not necessary to play sports professionally for weight loss, it is enough to carry out voluntary movements, exercises that are feasible, and during sports many use players, charging with music: it is a powerful psycho-emotional tool. Media gadgets are easy to attach and, as a rule, do not interfere with the activities.

The motivation for sports is cardiovascular exercise in the open air. Sports halls are characterized by a significant accumulation of bacteria, if they are poorly ventilated, by oxygen deficiency.

Not everyone can enjoy physical education in such institutions. The changing natural landscapes, the gentle rays of the sun or the frosty freshness help to carry out the planned program easily and imperceptibly, therefore most sports fans choose the natural environment.


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Of particular popularity are cardio in women who dream of losing weight, probably many of them are already familiar with some rules. These include:

  • choice of the type of training that delivers maximum pleasure;
  • the beginning of classes should be preceded by a good mood;
  • alternating movements for training different muscle groups;
  • change of pace (contributes to the rapid burning of fat);
  • the intervals between exercises should not exceed 1 minute;
  • comfortable equipment (for sports you need comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes);
  • even and calm breathing through the nose;
  • well ventilated or fresh air;

Nutrition is paid special attention not only by people who are professionally involved in sports: any aerobic exercise must be supported by a balanced meal. Women should always remember: they take food 2 hours before cardio, and then they eat it 1 hour later.

Any activity contributes to losing weight, improving the body, and cardiovascular exercises, including sports such as running, jumping, push-ups, and other exercises using simulators, will help:

  • stabilize pressure;
  • strengthen the muscles, lungs, heart;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • get rid of cellulite.

Exercise or certain sports usually change, such manipulation helps to avoid the body getting used to the one-sided pumping of a certain muscle group, and when fatigue occurs, professionals advise to take a break for several days.


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Consistency is the main condition for achieving a positive effect. Stable workouts with increased loads are contraindicated for people with heart disease or serious injuries of the musculoskeletal system. For them, it is important to consult a doctor and a fitness specialist.

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