The correct technique of doing an exercise in the Gakk machine

To theoverwhelming majority of athletes it is known that for mass recruitment basic exercises are required that allow several joints to work simultaneously, and, accordingly, several muscular groups. To base exercises it is possible to rank and press with feet in a gakk machine. After all, two pairs of joints (knee and hip) and three muscle groups (quadriceps, biceps hamstrings and gluteus muscles ) are involved during the execution.

  1. Foot press features
  2. What muscles work with bench press
  3. Rules of press with feet
  4. Setting the feet on the platform
  5. Recommendations for beginners
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Foot press features

The main difference between a gakk simulator from the Smith simulator and conventional sit-ups with the bar is that it allows you to relieve the load from the lower back (lumbar), but at the same time keep the load on your legs almost unchanged.

That is, this simulator is a “wand-rescue stick” for those who have traumas or problems with the spine, lower back, or simply do not have the opportunity today to shake the lower back.

It is also worth noting that in the usual with the bar and sit-ups in the Smith machine, the lower part of the rectus abdominis (press) participates in the work much more than when lifting the weight in the gakk trainer. But in this simulator you can stress the load on specific surfaces of muscles, for example, on the outer and inner parts of the hamstrings. See also the exercise Romanian draft with a barbell.

Many may object: “So this can be done when squatting with a barbell or in a Smith simulator!”. I wonder if it will work with a big scale? No. And in a hack machine it’s possible.

In addition to all of the above, this simulator allows the athlete to deal with large scales without partner insurance, which can not be done with conventional sit-ups or when working on Smith. Read the article about set of exercises for bodyflex for beginners.

What muscles work in the gakk machine

A foot press in a hack machine involves such muscles as:

  • Quadriceps (quadriceps) – work when extending the legs in the knees and hip joints, that is, with bench press.
  • Biceps hips (two-headed) – are loaded during weight lowering when bending the legs in the knee joints.
  • Gluteal muscles – stretch when the weight is lowered and contract during straightening of the legs.
  • The rectus abdominis muscle (the lower part of the press) participates in the bending of the legs in the knees and hip joints.
  • Semi-lumbar and semimembranous muscles (located side by side and under the biceps of the legs) – are loaded similarly to the hamstrings.
Muscles with gakk machine press
Muscles with gakk machine press

Despite the fact that there are many working muscles (for that it is a basic exercise), but still the greatest emphasis is placed on the work of the quadriceps muscles of the legs, which, in comparison with other muscles, receive the greatest reduction, and, consequently, growth.

Rules of press with feet

Pressing the feet in the simulator means pressing the backbone to the chair (including its upper part, that is, the back of the head) and the buttocks. This is due to the safe performance of exercises and reduced injuries – the spine and hip joints become fixed, and all the load passes through the muscles.

For knee joints, there is also a preventive effect, which protects from unnecessary injury. It consists in the incomplete rectification of the knees, that is, the press with the feet occurs until the knees are “in the hair” from complete straightening.

A prerequisite for the exercise is the grip of the handle of the machine. This is due not only to convenience, but also safety technology.

But it is necessary to bend your legs completely, performing as if a deep squat. Still not a little important rule (I’m talking about it every time) – do not rush and tear, perform exercises slowly and controlled, feeling every muscle of your body.

Setting the feet on the platform

The spectrum of setting the legs and feet during the press in the hack machine is very wide: the feet can be placed at the top and bottom of the platform, in the middle, and also adjust the distance between the stops – it can be maximum (along the width of the platform) and minimal (feet next to each other).

Also, this machine allows you to specify the direction of the foot – they can look inside and out.

exercise in Gakk machine
Exercise in Gakk machine

Different setting of feet on the platform allows you to stress the load on certain parts of specific muscles, for example, quadriceps.

All this can be combined with each other and work your legs better. So, for example, putting your legs together and at the bottom of the platform, you can achieve greater development of the gluteus muscles and the posterior surface of the thighs – this is due to the reduced amplitude of motion of the knee joints and increased amplitude of the hip joints. To set the legs at the top of the platform is characterized by the opposite picture – the amplitude of the hip joints is reduced, and the knee is enlarged, and, naturally, quadriceps are better developed.

From the width of the setting, the stop depends on which of the hips surfaces will have the main load. With a wide setting of the feet, the inner surfaces of the hips receive the best load, while the narrow ones – the outer ones.

exercise in Gakk machine
Exercise in Gakk machine

The direction of the socks is similar to the width of the setting of the feet: if the feet are directed inward, the outer part of the thighs is loaded; if outward – the inner part and the adductor muscles.

Recommendations for beginners

At the initial stage, beginners are generally advised not to vary the setting of the legs, but to use only the middle one – not widely and narrowly, not at the top and not at the bottom of the platform, but strictly in the center. This will give a general developmental effect, provided that the weight lifted is adequate.

It is not advisable to choose a very small amplitude of motion, but also to lower the platform too low, that is, before detaching the spine from sitting, it’s also not worth it. As well as fully straighten your knees.

This exercise is best combined with the flexion / extension of the legs on the block simulator.

The number of repetitions should vary from 8 to 12, provided that weighting agents weigh up to 85% of 1PM. The number of sets should be within 4 – 6, provided that the same number of approaches was made during squats.

If you constantly break off the loin from the simulator, there is a small trick: press the lower back and the buttocks harder to the simulator and slightly round off the back (as if you press the shake), thereby you completely press your waist down to the simulator and remove the load from it.


Well, from the above, you can get a lot of useful information. Gimcling in a hack machine can be an excellent assistant at any stage of training activity – for beginners, it will help to gain weight and strength, more experienced bodybuilders, it will allow to detail the muscles of the legs, while developing their endurance.

For girls this exercise will solve some problems with excess weight in specific areas. Also, gakk squats will help the girls to work the muscles of the buttocks and thighs.

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